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SocioDynamic Counselling was created by Vance Peavy, Professor Emeritus of the University of Victoria, former editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Counselling and a leading voice in the profession of counselling in Canada as well as in Europe, Australia and the USA. His books include Sociodynamic Counselling: A Constructivist Perspective for the Practicie of counselling in the 21st Century (1997) and SocioDynamic Counselling: A Practical Approach to Meaning Making (2004).

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Vance Peavy's Biography

"Every worry and trouble, big and small,

that a person can experience has an

ethical-moral dimension. To ask:

what kind of career is best and possible

for me is to ask:

How should I live my life?

We helpers should assist people

to find answers to this fundamental

moral and existential question."

(From: Wisdom-Based Helping Practice, Human Science Research Conference, Victoria, B.C., June 2002)

SocioDynamic Counselling is based on a philosophical approach to career counselling in which each individual is viewed as capable of constructing his/her own life based on the discovery of what has personal meaning. The approach draws on constructivist ideas, and it applies equally well to all age groups and cultural groups.


SocioDynamic Counselling focuses on counselling skills and techniques which emphasize the search for meaning as clients take responsibility for constructing their own work-life, the identification and validation of client strengths, values and assumptions, and the use of mapping, metaphor and mindfulness in assisting clients to tell their stories.



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