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Note: The term "constructivist" appears in the titles and text of some of the following papers. "Constructivist" counselling was the original name of this form of counselling. The term "SocioDynamic" has now replaced "constructivist" and designates this method of counselling as a Canadian invention and as a Canadian trademarked product registered with Dr. R. V. Peavy.

Unpublished Papers on SocioDynamic Counselling

  • Peavy, R.V. (2000a). Guidebook for Learning About SocioDynamic Counselling.
    Unpublished manuscript.
    For information on this paper, contact:
  • Peavy, R.V. (2000b) Composing My Life: A Collection of Constructivist Counselling activities for Building Help-Seeker Capacity.
    For information on this paper,



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