Source Books

Source Books for SocioDynamic Counselling Ideas

... a partial listing

  • Aboulafla, M. (1986). The Mediating Self: Mead, Sartre, and Self-Determination.
    New Haven: Yale University Press.
  • Arnett, R., & Arneson, P. (1999). Dialogical Civility in a Cynical Age.
    Albany: SUNY Press.
  • Bell, M., & Gardiner, M. (Eds.) (1998). Bakhtin and the Human Sciences.
    Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Bruner, J. (1986). Actual MInds, Possible Worlds.
    Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
  • Buber, M. (1947). Between Man and Man. (trans. R. G. Smith).
    London: Collins.
  • Giddens, A. (1991). Modernity and Self-Identity: Self and Society in the Late Modern Age.
    Stanford: Stanford University Press.
  • Guidano, V. (1991). The Self in Process.
    NY: The Guilford Press.
  • Holstein, J., & Gubrium (2000). The Self We Live By: Narrative Identity in a Postmodern World.
    NY: Oxford University Press.
  • Jaspers, K. (1957). Man in the Modern Age (trans. Eden and Cedar Paul).
    Garden City, NY: Anchor Books.
  • Kozulin, A. (1998). Psychological Tools.
    Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
  • Løgstrup, K. (1997). The Ethical Demand.
    Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press.
  • MacIntyre, A. (1984). After Virtue, 2nd edn.
    Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press.
  • McNamee, S., Gergen, K., & Associates (1999). Relational Responsibility.
    Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Sexton, T., & Griffin, B. (eds.) (1997). Constructivist Thinking in Counselling, Research and Practice.
    NY: Teacher College Press.
  • Monk, G., Winslade, J., Crocket, K., & Epston, D. (1997). Narrative Therapy in Practice: The Archeology of Hope.
    San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.
  • Rorty, R. (1989). Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity.
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Sen, A. (1999). Development as Freedom.
    New York: Alfred A. Knopf.
  • Schuster, S. (1999). Philosophy Practice: An Alternative to Counselling and Psychotherapy.
    Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.
  • Vähämöttönen, T. (1998). Reframing Career Counselling in Terms of Counsellor - Client Negotiations. PhD. Dissertation.
    Joensuu Publications in Social Sciences, Nbr. 34.
  • Vanier, J. (1998). On Becoming Human.
    Toronto: CBC - The Massey Series Lectures, 1998.
  • Wertsch, J. (1991). Voices of the Mind.
    Cambridge: Harvard University Press.
  • White, M., & Epston, D. (1990). Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends.
    NY: W. W. Norton & Company


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