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QUOTATIONS that inspire the SocioDynamic perspective on creating a new form of counselling practice.

Peter Ossorio

"Sometimes it is better just to make a fresh start."


"I have meant to ask the questions, to break out of the frame . . . the point is not a set of answers, but making possible a new practice."

Richard Rorty

"The view of philosophy I am offering is to re-describe lots and lots of things in new ways until you have created a pattern of linguistic behaviour which will tempt the rising generation to adopt it."

"It says, 'try thinking of it this way'. It does not pretend to be a candidate for doing the same old things we did when we spoke in the old ways. It suggests that we might want to stop doing those things and do something else."

Thomas Kuhn

"You do not perceive something until you have the right metaphor to receive it."

I. Prigogine

"Whatever it is that we call reality, we participate in its construction."

QUOTATIONS that inspire the SocioDynamic perspective on explicating meaning dimensions of "helping"

Søren Kierkegaard

"One must first take the pains to find where the other is and begin there. This is the secret of the art of helping others. Anyone who does not master this is deluded when he proposes to help others . . . ."

"Be the amazed listener who sits and hears what the other finds more delight in telling you because you listen with amazement."

Alasdair MacIntyre

"Each human being who stands before us to speak, listen or remain silent is not only a moral agent capable of choice, she is also an author of scripts making up the story of her own life . . . deprive people of their stories and you leave them paralysed in their actions and stuttering in their words."

Alasdair MacIntyre

"We need to remain to some degree opaque and unpredictable, particularly when threatened by the predictive practices of others."

Charles Taylor

"The general feature of human life that I want to evoke is its fundamentally dialogical character."

J-P. Sartre

"A man is a teller [of] tales. He lives surrounded by his stories and the stories of others. He sees everything that happens through them, and he tries to live his life as if [he] were recounting them."

Barbara Hardy

"We dream in narrative, day-dream in narrative, remember, anticipate, hope, despair, believe, doubt, plan, revise, criticize, gossip, learn, hate, and love by narrative."

Alasdair MacIntyre

"...the agent [is] not only an actor, but an author...what the agent is able to do and say intelligibly as an actor is deeply affected by the fact that we are never more than the co-authors of our own narratives..."

"...we enter upon a stage that we did not design and find ourselves part of an action that was not of our own making, we are always under certain constraints."

"Only in fantasy do we live what story we please."

L. Wittgenstein

"There must not be anything hypothetical in our considerations. We must do away with all explanation. And description alone must take its place."

Vance Peavy

"In antiquity the word 'career' derived from the Latin carrus and referred to passage, course, or pathway, and to the wheeled vehicle known as chariot. In modern times the term career became embedded in the industrial vocabulary and meant profession or occupation."

"With the passing of the industrial age, the term career should be restored to its original meaning. The career that the postmodern should attend to is the pathway of her life - 'my life is my career.' To practice 'career counselling' is to help others seek answers to the question: How should I live my life?"

Knud Løgstrup

"It is a characteristic of human life that we normally encounter one another with natural trust. Human life could hardly exist if it were otherwise. Only under special circumstances do we distrust a stranger in advance. To trust, however, is to lay oneself open."

Knud Løgstrup

"In its basic sense, trust is essential to every conversation. In conversation as such we deliver ourselves over into the hands of another we are 'in the power of' the other's words and conduct."

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