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Collected Works in English: Published Journal and Newsletter Articles (1968-2003)

Compiled by Ishu Ishiyama, Ph.d. in 2007)

Now Available online. Download these articles for free. Please note the entire document is 378 pages. Click here


Sociodynamic Counselling: A Constructivist Perspective

By. R. Vance Peavy. 1997, 1998.

Now available online. Download this text for free. Click here.

French Translation


  • SocioDynamic Counselling: A Practical Approach to Meaning Making (2004) (Counseling Sociodynamique: Une approche pratique de la construction de sens) NOW AVAILABLE in French. Contact Septembre Éditeur Inc. Telephone 1-800-361-7755 or Fax 1-418-652-0986.


Spanish Translation


Now translated in Danish!

Denise Larsen's scholarly biography of Dr. R. Vance Peavy is now translated, edited and published in Danish. En hyldest til daggryet .... En fortælling af og om Dr. R. Vance Peavy. Editing and translation: Helle D. Sørensen og Jeppe D. Graugaard. Publisher: Det Vejledningsfaglige Udvalg for Ringkøbing Amt, 2006.

SocioDynamic Training at George Brown College

  • If you have taken an Introduction to SocioDynamic Counselling, you may be eligible to complete the first course of a certificate program in SocioDynamic Counselling at George Brown College. If you would like further information, please contact Rita Mohabir at this email address:
  • If you have completed the first course in this two-course certificate program, you can complete the certificate by attending the second course (the Mentorship Portion of the program).  Please contact Rita Mohabir at for registration information.

Book Available

SocioDynamic Counselling: A Practical Approach to Meaning Making

This manuscript, completed by Dr. Peavy prior to his death, is now available by clicking on this link: The Taos Institute. For introductions and reviews and further details, view here.

Archives Now Available

Dr. Peavy's substantial scholarly archives are now freely available in PDF format. Please click on the link below for a full listing of articles. View Vance Peavy Archives





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