metaphors for counselling

In their root sense, metaphors transport meaning across ("phor" from pherein) and beyond ("meta") from one context to another.

A metaphor has the power to hold - in dialectical tension - two compared objects or phenomena which are both similar and different from one another.

Metaphors utilize imagery and affective, figurative associations which can sharpen and deepen thinking and understanding.

By introducing a new view and illuminating new dimensions of meaning, metaphors can bring about changes in culture, create a kind of semantic resonance, and stimulate both new insights and critique of old ideas. Metaphors help thought to break away from habit and tunnel vision. Metaphors help a person to reason from her own background of knowledge and experience toward the new and unknown.

THE FOLLOWING METAPHORS FOR COUNSELLING open up new ways of thinking about counselling and present tensions between old and new ways of construing the process of counselling.

Metaphors for Counselling

Counselling as a garden

Counselling as a sanctuary

Counselling as a workshop for constructing self

Counselling as a communication space

Counselling as an opportunity for expanding personal freedom

Counselling as a genuine meeting

Counselling as the ground in the 'in-between'

Counselling as an opportunity for public reasoning

Counselling as a negotiated achievement

Counselling as a method for life planning

Counselling as a process for designing personal futures

Counselling as a shelter

Counselling as the birthplace for new capacity

Counselling as a social practice

Counselling as a safe forum for saying and hearing reasons of the mind, heart and body

Counselling as a co-construction project

Counselling as a meaning-making project

Counselling as a self-creating event

In the middle of life's road
I found myself in a dark wood.
. . . Dante, Divine Comedy



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